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"RaRE - Blog"

Dear reader,

like never before we are faced with discussions about retail and its future.

Which role and function will (stationary) retail have in the near future ?
Will the new sales formats substitute old or existing ones, or will they all exist next to each other ?
Will retail be able to pick up the pace of changes in our business environment, technical developments and – most important - the requests of the customers ?
Which role and self-conception will have the costumer today and in future, how strong will they exert influence on retail ?

... and many more questions to come !

At odd times, publications, essays or statements concerning these topics will be published.
My goal is to launch thoughts, pushing processes of re-thinking and starting discussions about “Retail and Real Estate”.
In this sense, I am looking forward to an intensive exchange of views, questions, your notes and comments. ... and you are very welcome to share this via social media and networks.

Maybe it will take part to optimize and improve our (Retail-)World.

P.S.: .... as our world has been more and more global and international, we will see versions in german and english language.
I will start with my most beloved topic „customer“ – in this case in both languages.

Sincerely yours

Klaus Striebich