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These times, there are so many discussions ongoing and articles published about the current dispute between retailers and landlords and their requests and needs.
It is obvious, that both parties are facing a huge number of challenges, with the simple perception that they are diametrically opposed.
Do we see a solution for this dilemma ?
I will make a try …
“HoFaC-om” could be the recipe or medicine for them both (unfortunately, you can not buy it so far in pharmacies)
It stands for :
“Handling of Flexibility and Complexity”, combined with an “open mind”.

Handling stands for doing a first step, for necessary plannings, operations and the management of activities to solve actual issues.

Flexibility is needed to cover internal and external needs in organisations, but also to use creativity and innovation power to test an alternative way out of a dead-end.

Complexity has to be reduced, especially if you have an eye on the different stakeholders views or the powerful consumer behavior, which is changing permanently.

This all may lead to a common successful solution, if all parties involved, are opening their eyes and minds, starting a balanced, equalized discussion with the clear target of a sustainable, common future.

What do you think ?

Any comments, additions or notes are much appreciated,
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