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"The Costumer in our Focus !"

Last week I have bought a book … online, it was an antiquarian one and even in the normal offer of also bigger book-stores not more available.
The title of the book “The customer in our focus”.
As I am always very interested on this topic, it attracted my attention.

Thereby, with the purchase 4 specifics are of special interest :

1.    it was relatively affordable to buy
2.    it is already 40 years old (published in 1978)
3.    released in the former GDR,
4.    it was very well preserved, means relatively unused.

These 4 facts have started to put some thoughts into that :

Is the need of publications like “the costumer in our focus” really that low, as you might buy them that cheap ?

Do we really know enough about our customers, their position and role, that we do not have to look up in a book like that ?

Or was it the goal to offer an opportunity for many users to buy this book for an affordable price ?

In any case, it is absolutely worth while to have a quick look in that book.

Because of the fact, that the book is already 40 years old, it seems, that this topic is not an actual phenomenon in Retail, but has let started the responsible people in retail with rethinking about it. Maybe it is a permanent phenomenon, that has to be shown again and again and not to go off the boil.

The function of having the customer in focus is that important, that even in economical systems, where fulfillment of demand and supply have been at their first priority, is heard.

The relatively new and unused condition of the book may show the eventually not existing necessity of the use in this economical system. Because of the change and adjustment of the system, already some decades ago, you may come to the conclusion, that it was really not used for a long time, and is now back to a certain up-to-dateness.

„The customer in the midpoint”
“The customer in the mid. Point.”

How details (here the point and the minor and major p) could make a huge difference shows this little wordplay.
It is even the details in live and retail, that create the necessary difference, the uniqueness in comparison to others (the USP – unique selling proposition).

It is important to understand that issue, not to forget and bringing to your mind, that all our activities in “Retail and Real Estate” have to circle around one central point – and there is standing with a very strong consciousness - … THE CUSTOMER !

How do you think about it ?

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