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We are all in the same boat - are we really all in the same boat ?!

The proverb and its meaning is certainly as well known to everyone as is actually sitting in a boat with one or more people.

The experiences made during such a boat or rowing trip are well known or even already made.
The application of the saying “We are all in the same boat” can be seen in the private sphere, but also in the professional context, and it is even more relevant than ever.
In the current crisis situation, which now affects almost everyone directly or indirectly, you can visually feel like a participant on a boat tour. The only question that arises is what role one takes on and what effect one achieves.

Let us visualize the following situations sitting in the boat and transfer them to scenes from professional or private life:

  1. There are two of us sitting in a rowboat. Does everyone really row, or maybe just one while the other is fishing in peace?
  2. Are they both rowing in the same direction, or one forwards and the other backwards?
  3. Do the rowers use their paddles on both sides (to get forward together), or maybe both on the same side and turn in a circle?
  4. We are sitting in an eight-man rowing boat with a helmsman and are in a competition. Are all 8 participants rowing or just a few?
  5. Is there really a helmsman who helps, or are everyone (for themselves) their own helmsman with different rhythms, strengths or individual goals in mind?
  6. If we were on an ancient galley: Does a drummer or whipper set the pace? Do we also have a perspective of arrival and end of presence on the galley, or will this go on indefinitely?
  7. Are we on a large and modern cruise ship during a sea voyage or on the "Titanic" which was then described as unsinkable?
  8. Are we part of the chosen couples for the journey with “Noah's Ark” or do we stay on land (which will eventually be swallowed up by rain and water)?
  9. Are we with our boat on the open, rough sea, in calm seas or on a river that flows just before a deep waterfall?
  10. If our rowing boat has a leak in the back, can I still sit in the front?

Have you been able to see yourself, or someone you have discovered, at one point or another?
If we can change something in the situation by ourselves, it would be exactly now the time - depending on the situation - to change something for a better and positive outlook.

If other participants or people are needed to improve the situation, we should help them to take the first step or at least communicate it and actively support them.

Maybe this may make you think ...

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